Temperature display meter(TD100)


Temperature display meter(TD100)

Features:Large screen display:2.3"highlight nixie tube.

        High Precision:imported digital sensor,high measuring linearity, temperature calibration inside the meter, High accuracy.

        Display stability:static status display without dynamic flashing.


ApplicationsTD100 temperature display meter adopts highlight Nixie tube with wall-mounted installation. It is used in the areas where need to display temperature,including building,workshops, industry factories and laboratories, etc.

Technical data

Measuring range:-10~60℃(It can be customized for special measuring range)


Installation:wall-mounted or placed on the desk

Display Resolution:0.1℃

Overall Dimensions:430mmX165mmX50mm

Font size display:70mmX48mm

Supply voltage:AC220V±10%50HZ

Power consumption:<3W

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