Wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitter(THM100-11M-YC)


Wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitter(THM100-11M-YC)

THM100-11M-YC the wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitter with output RS485 adopts the imported high quality digital temperature sensor.It can reliably collect and distribute and control the signals with epistatic machine system.


it widely used in meteorology,national defense,scientific research, post and communications,chemical industry,environmental protection,medicine,hotel, food and logistic storage,HAVC and various kinds of areas which are needed to measure and control the temperature and humidity of the air.

Technical data

Operating voltage:24VDC

Operating environment :Humidity ≤95%RH, Temperature -20℃~80℃

Input signal: Imported SHT series digital temperature and humidity sensor

Measuring range:-40~120℃

Humidity Measuring range:0~100%RH

Output signal:RS-485 communication signal,Modbus RYU

Load capacity:≤500Ω

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