Wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitter (THM300-11A-YC)


Wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitter (THM300-11A-YC)

THM300-11A-YCv The wall-mounted temperature and humidity transmitter with Output 4-20mA adopts the scientific and reasonable circuit design as well as the most advanced digital temperature sensor technology. It can turn the digital signal into the analog signal correspondingly through the central processing unit operation and analog-to-digital conversion.

Its major features are wide measuring range, small drift, long life, high precision, high cost-effective and full range of analog output as well as good linearity and stability.

ApplicationsPharmaceutical and Chemical industries,communications,environmental monitors,libraries,archives,workshops,building,supermarket and industrial Automation etc.

Technical data

Operating voltage:24VDC

Operating environment :Humidity ≤95%RH, Temperature -20℃~80℃

Input:digital temperature and humidity sensor and digital temperature and humidity sensor 18B20

Humidity measuring range:0~100%RH

Temperature Measuring range:-55~125℃


Load capacity:≤500Ω

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