Precision temperature measuring instrument


Temperature is the most needed physical quantity in industrial measurement. In industrial and agricultural production, national defense and scientific research, the importance of temperature measurement is self-evident. In order to conform to the development of modern metering technology, improve the measurement accuracy, meet the needs of engineering and laboratory actual measurement, Dalian Bocon Science and Technology Co., Ltd. designed a two-channel precision resistance thermometer. The thermometer is used by portable dual-channel display device and high precision platinum resistance temperature probe, and can be tested on-line and accurately in the actual production site.

Small sizes,battery-powered,Field use.    

Built-in RTD curves meet the polynomial equation.

Variety of statistical functions, Powerful storage capacity

Temperature Resolution:0.001℃  

Dual channel display temperature difference 0.01 

High reliability and durability,Performance stability

In order to reduce the uncertainty of measurement, we use water three-phase point bottle freezing device with high purity and low uncertainty and Ga,In,Sn,Zn fixed point furnace to define fixed point. Microk-125 DC temperature measuring bridge is used as temperature measuring instrument, which can complete the self-calibration of linearity. In order to improve the accuracy of the test, the 8-bit and a half precision DC temperature measuring bridge Microk-125, reference < JJG160-2007 standard platinum resistance thermometer verification regulation "was selected. We introduced the water three-phase point automatic freezing device and the Zn,Sn,In,Ga fixed point furnace. According to the ITS-90 regulation, the high precision platinum resistance in the working temperature region is divided by the corresponding fixed point. The specified reference function and deviation function interpolation are used to define the temperature value between fixed points.

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