LT1400 Magnetostriction Liquid level meter Product profile


LT1400 Magnetostriction Liquid level meter Product profile

Displacement measurement system with high measurement accuracy and reliability in the world. It has the characteristics of high precision,high resolution,good repeatability,stability and reliability,non-contact measurement, long life, convenient installation, strong environmental adaptability and so on. Its output signal is a real absolute position output,there is no signal drift or variable value, even if the power supply interrupt reconnection will not pose a problem for data reception. It can be widely used in the measurement and control of liquid level and mechanical displacement of various liquid tanks in petroleum, chemical, electric, pharmaceutical,food,beverage.Construction machinery and other industries.

Mainly technical data

Supply power:24VDC

Output signal:RS485 Modbus RTU


Working temperature:-40-85℃;

connection:flangeDN50,RF Seal face

Nominal pressure 1.6MPa,meets HG20592


Resolution Ratio 0.01%F.S;

Insert Zone:上50mm,下50mm

Anti-hazard classification:ExdBT5

Enclosure protection grade:IP68

Touch Screen Model:BC-CP-4-M-DC24

Touch Screen Display data:Display2~6 Channels at the same time

Touch Screen size:7 Inches

Communication:RS485 Modbus RTU

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