Development status of Sensor Technology in the World


Development status of Sensor Technology in the World

       The sensor is the important technical basis of the new technology revolution and information society. It is the pioneer of modern science and technology. The United States has claimed that the world has entered the sensor age in the early 1980s, and Japan has classified the sensor technology as the founding of the top ten technology. Japanese business and business people claim to be "The control of the sensor technology can dominate the new era.". The developed countries of the world attached great importance to the development of the sensor technology department. The United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and the Commonwealth of Independent States have listed sensor technology as one of the key technologies for national key development. Six of the 22 technologies critical to long-term security and economic prosperity in the United States are directly related to the sensor information processing technology. The key technologies for the protection of the quality advantage of the American weapon system are the passive sensors. In 2000, that U. S. air force cite 15 key technologies that contribute to the improvement of the air force in the 21 st century, and the sensor technology is the second. Japan attaches great importance to the development and use of sensor technology and is one of the key core technologies of national key development. The Japan Science and Technology Office has 70 key projects in the 90s key scientific research projects, including 18 of which are closely related to the sensor technology. The United States has set up a National Technology Group (BTG) in the early 1980s to help the government organize and lead the development of the sensors of major companies and enterprises and institutions.

The sensor technology is one of the high and new technologies in the world, and it is also an important symbol of the development of modern science and technology. It is one of the three main pillars of the information industry, which is the communication technology and the computer technology. If the computer is the extension of the human brain, the sensor is the extension of the human five. When the integrated circuit and the computer technology are developing rapidly, it is known that the information-taking device _ sensor has not kept up with the development of the information technology and called the "The brain is developed, and the five officers are not in the spirit.". The sensor has begun to receive universal attention and, since the 1980s, a new "sensor heat" has been set up in the world. The United States Department of Defense regards the sensor technology as one of the 20 key technologies this year, and Japan attaches sensor technology to computers, communications, laser semiconductors, superconductors and is listed as 6-core branches, and the German-based military sensor is a priority development technology, Britain, The development and investment of the sensors in countries such as France and other countries have been upgraded year by year, and the sensor technology is listed in Article 5 of the former Soviet military space program. It is due to the universal value and input and development of the world, and the development of the sensor is very rapid, and the annual growth rate of its output and market demand is over 10% in recent ten years. At present, the research and production units in the world have increased to more than 5000 units. In that U. S., Europe and Russia, there are more than 1,000 sensor research and manufacturers, and there are over 800 in Japan.

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