The Importance of Temperature Sensor for Industrial Production


The Importance of Temperature Sensor for Industrial Production

      With the continuous improvement of the industrial production efficiency, the expansion of the automation level and the scope, the demand for the temperature sensor is also higher and higher, and the following aspects are summarized:

 Extended temperature measurement range: at present, the commonly used temperature measurement range is-200C-3000 ℃. With the development of industry, the measurement requirements of ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature are becoming more and more urgent, such as thousands of degrees of high temperature often need to be measured in cosmic rocket technology.

     The measurement accuracy is improved. With the development of the electronic technology, the accuracy of the signal processing instrument is greatly improved, in particular the use of the microcomputer makes the processing precision of the signal more improved.

     Expand the temperature measurement object: with the improvement of industry and people's daily life requirements, it has now developed from point measurement to line and surface measurement. All kinds of temperature measuring instruments are needed in environmental protection and household appliances.

     A new product is developed to meet the special needs: in the temperature measurement, in addition to further expanding and perfecting the tube cable thermocouple, the thermal resistor, and the transistor temperature measuring element, the rapid and high-sensitivity common thermocouple, and according to the environment of the tested object, a number of special requirements are set forth. Such as anti-sulfur, explosion-proof, wear-resistant thermocouples, continuous temperature measurement of molten steel, flame temperature measurement, and the like.

    The digital thermometer not only has the characteristics of direct reading, no error, high resolution and small measurement error, but also brings great convenience to the intellectualization of the temperature instrument

 Verification automation: because the temperature calibration device will directly affect the quality of the temperature instrument, it is worth making great efforts to study in this area. A thermocouple calibration device controlled by microcomputer has been developed in China.

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